Easiest ways to find domains with traffic?

new to the forum and I am wondering for an answer.
I've read few info here and there and one way to get started as domainer is to collect domain names with traffic.

The question is how do I find domain names with traffic?
Type-in traffic is almost impossible to get, they must have got them long ago.
One word or generic domains are also almost impossible to get.
So what left? How do you find those domain with traffic so you can park them and make residual income.

You might try using SEOQuake, which is a Firefox add-on. I have it and it gives you domain information for several search engines.
Also, many of the parked domains are also for sale. But if you come up with your own name that might be "popular", you register it yourself and then you can also make money parking it.
SEOQuake is a good one for pretty much constant updates. It lets you stay sort of filled in on domain news without having to do much of anything to find it. Judging traffic from that point onward is probably the most reliable way to go.
I also recommend SEOQuake, I found it pretty easy to understand, it's a good option if you're new and want to get to know a little more about domains with traffic. Firefox has some interesting applications to other things, check them out.
I also have to resound the vote for SEOQuake. I am still new to this a well and got some great help through this program and other Firefox apps.
I have SEOQuake as well. I don't know why I didn't list it before!

Someone told me that Adwords can help with domain name popularity. I think the only way Adwords would help is if you are looking for a good keyword to slide into your url.

Everyone has their own take on such matters.
good job.tnx and very helpful for me
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