Fastest growing domain Registrars ?
Ok buddies, we are well aware that godday in currently topping the first position as the fastest growing domain registrar worldwide. This is despite that they are not having the best price for domain registration!Cool

Apart from godaddy, we also know that ENOW, TUSCOW are the major player in domain registration business. So what about other registrars like :-
1. Registerfly
2. Moniker
3. 1&1
4. NameKing
5. Fabulous

Also, I wonder how those web hosting + domain registrar catch up with the above giant players? Or they just do it as "add-on" service and don't really pay much attention about the sub-income??:eek:
The only one on the list I've heard anything about was Registerfly, and it wasn't good. Apparently, in their early days, they were quite a mess and left a string of very dissatisfied customers. Loads of problems with support and with credit card fraud ...when you cancelled your account, they kept billing you.
Enom is pretty good, a lot of people use them. And they have a great domain managment interface and good support.
What about namecheap? I have one domain with them, but have heard a lot more about them in recent months.
I've been using namecheap to handle my domains...i'm holding on to about 15 domains with them for more than a year now and so far, they're providing great service! Their admin panel is also very comprehensive.

It does lose out in terms of price if you compare to the likes of godaddy...
I am going to do some shopping around soon, and really my biggest concern is on renewal fees. Who consistently has the best prices on renewals?

At what point does it make sense to potentially become a registrar re-seller if you have enough domains?
In the U.K. about the cheapest renewal is at Domain Monster. Money translates to about $5 a pop.
$5 per renewal sounds cheap to me. That must be a great deal for sure. I am wondering if that price is less than in the U.S.
That does seem pretty chap. That is below the actual cost. I always get deals on GoDaddy which normally range from $6.00-$7.00 for a domain. I think the cost to registrar is over $6.00 but they sell them at discounts to get money on renewals and selling add-ons. In lots of cases the domain registrations have become a loss leader.
Then check out domain monster ...they probably don't care where the money originates lol.

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