Which factors affect baidu click algorithm
Which factors affect baidu click algorithm.
Do website SEO optimization generally need to master many skills, also want to find some rules, different algorithms of each search engine, and to each search engine rankings, it will be aimed at these search engine to do some technical research.
For example, baidu search engine ranking according to which algorithm, this is the core secret, will not tell the stationmaster how to do.
The station master will analyze the ranking website according to the actual operation process, then simulate and summarize the effective methods.
Often rich stationmaster, to baidu click algorithm must be familiar, but what factors will affect baidu click algorithm?
In this article, ihostfit mainly introduces the experiences summarized in the optimization and promotion of each stationmaster:
1. Judge according to different IP addresses.
A key word for the same, different site‘s ranking, if the IP address of the site can have a lot of difference between different users to access, so this site is relatively popular, user experience will be relative to the better than other sites.
As a result, baidu gives priority to these popular sites in the context of actual operations.
Of course, this different IP traffic needs to be sustained over a long period of time.
Otherwise, because of one or two IP traffic, it cannot be a priority.
2. According to the PV number of the website.
PV is the overall page view of a site, and the PV value also reflects whether the user is interested in the site.
If users feel bad after visiting the site, they will choose to close it directly, which means that the site has no real value to the user.
Such sites may be cheating customers, leading search engines to think the pages are of poor quality and thus not give the site a high ranking.
The common thing is that the stationmaster optimizes for optimization, namely optimizes excessive.
Search engines will judge this as a bad site, and will not rank it in the top.
3. The average length of the client’s visit to the website.
In general, baidu‘s click algorithm is an important criterion to judge the length of the visit.
When a user visits the site, it is possible to see a lot of pages, but not on some pages for a long time.
So, this is not a good experience from the side.
The above is to affect baidu click algorithm several aspects, the stationmaster can increase to search engine friendly degree according to actual situation.
Thanks for sharing the great information about Baidu click algorithm!

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