Free forum builder with PPC?
I have a domain that I want to develop, but I don't have the know-how or the funds to develop a forum on my own. I have found a few sites that offer free forum development, but does anybody know of such a site that also offers PPC revenue?

I know its a stretch to expect both, but it can't hurt to ask Smile
I think your headed in the right direction. This place has some good information. I have not heard of any free domain blogs. Good luck.
I've heard of free forums, but I'm not sure what you mean by one with PPC revenue.

Could you explain that please?
OK... well, with the thousands and thousands of sites that are PPC, and the hundreds of thousands of people that join them to make the promised 63 dollars a month, I can tell you that if there is a success of 1 percent, then it is a lot! Most of those sites can't afford to pay their members after a while and they end up closing down and disappearing forever, while the members join other forums to tell that the new and excitin g site it was just the worst thing ever. Las time I heard, Adbux which is probably one of the biggest PPC sites, can't even use Paypal anymore to pay its members because there was something with Scam.... But good luck to you!
Can't you just get any old free site and plug in your adsense code when you customize it?
I don't think that many of these PPC sites are all they appear to be when you first read about them. Like mentioned above many of them have really small success rates so you're better off generating some content yourself and/or hiring outside forum population services to get writing into your forum.
Adsense is one choice, but there is also Adbrite and sites like Adbrite where you have more latitude with content.

Take your time learning, Rome wasn't built in a day.
That's a good piece of advice for sure. Definitely input the time to research and develop your own know-how rather than expecting to be able to be successful from nothing. Trial and error is a valuable process for anyone getting into this work and it'll pay off in the end.
PPC I don't know much about, developing a forum isn't all that hard once you have a bit of time and some friends to promote it. It's essential of course that you have an interesting topic or you're doomed from the start.
Yep. If you have a handful of friends to help you get off your feet with generating some content then getting a trafficked forum shouldn't be too hard. Also, visiting other related forums and making sure you have a market for what you're trying to create is a great idea as well.

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