GoDaddy Coupons?
Plumley Wrote:Here you go. I just used the $6.95 one and it went through fine. Hope you find something you can use.

Go Daddy Coupon Codes, Go Daddy Promotions, Go Daddy Promotional Codes

Thanks for the link Smile A nice list of codes there.
Just type it in on google and you will come up with a lot of coupons. SAVE10 is one that will get you 10% off your order. I entered that on 1 domain and got like $.50 off about. Wasn't too bad.
Well, it wasn't too bad...but then again, it's still 50 cents....better than nothing I guess Smile
Thanks for the links, they'll sure come in handy.
Hash3 hash3 hash3.

If you are not using hash3 and using another code please tell me why!
Heh, well if that does not go through someone's skull, then I don't know what will. Good job with the message Smile
triumph Wrote:By the way I think I posted it somewhere else because I could not find this thread, but hash3 is still working. I got 3 new domains with privacy policy on all of them for $21.00

I think that is basically half of the retail price for all of that.

Here is the thread triumph, and I post a new coupin there to use for you too, it saves 10%Smile
Yeah, Hash3 still works, you pay only $6.95 per .com domain
nice codes here
I'm going to check it.

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