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hi everyone, i'm new to this domain registering thing and i wanted to know what you guys think about because i heard there pretty good plus they also had one of the WWE divas do a really good ad for them.

please let me know what you guys think.


Hi Jerry

Welcome to Domain Social! Smile

Everyone has their own personal preference as to which domain registrar is 'best'. In many cases, this is just related to the site design and 'control panel'. GoDaddy is a very successful domain registrar and you should be pretty safe with them.

There are some negative aspects. Unless you plan to call them on the phone (and I have heard both positive and negative stories about their phone support), you probably won't get an support question or problem resolved by email. I have sent countless emails asking for support from everything from domains to hosting (a service which you should avoid at GoDaddy for everything but very small sites), and I have never received a response.

Also, there are so questions about the company ethics. Sure.. they are 'cheap', and they are big, but this dosen't mean that they don't have their problems. There has been a lot of discussion in the domain community as to the morals of the company. They seem to make their money where ever they can, and always aim to maximize their profits, even at the stake of a few clients. For instance, when you 'back order' a domain at GoDaddy, you pay about $18 in advance. However, IF Godaddy catches it, the domain does not get passed on to you (as it should, at least from a common sense perspective), but instead goes to a publicly displayed auction, where anyone can bid on the domain (which is supposed to be yours). No matter how many months you've been waiting for the domain to drop, in the end they will give it to the highest bidder.

Also, they are now offering a parking service. This is one of the only parking services on the web that you pay to use! In other words, you give them all traffic to your domain, and you have to PAY them for that, and the profit you make is anything over the initial payment. In other words, you have to pay in order to get paid. Usually when you have to pay to get paid, you are usually taking part of a scam.. in this case, its just their business model.

So to sum it all up, they are fine for domain registrations, and many people use them for this purpose... but if you plan to rely on them for other services I would be more skeptical (at least from an ethical standpoint).
NO! is very bad and very unreliable,
i suggest 123reg as a host, its a great site and its very cheap, 2.99 for 2 years, which is greta for a domain name and hsoting, also you can make your own forums and blogs.
Harry4265 Wrote:NO! is very bad and very unreliable,
i suggest 123reg as a host, its a great site and its very cheap, 2.99 for 2 years, which is greta for a domain name and hsoting, also you can make your own forums and blogs.

I disagree. I have used for 4 years now and I have been VERY happy with their services. The offer outstanding prices and their tech support is very quick.

If you had a bad experience with them, that is fine, but you are the only person I have ever talked to that doesn't like them.
I know several people that dont like them,
It was a long time ago but their service was absoloutely useless, I havent used them in over 2 years but I wouldnt suggest anyone did, this is my opinion obviously, but I had a very bad experience.
I have never used them, but I had a couple of friends that did. They really liked it a lot. I have heard good things about them.
I register domain names with them, but the one time I ventured into some of their other services, I was really disappointed. And, talking with customer service was virtually impossible so I pulled out as quickly as I could!
I have never used their hosting services or anything like that. I just registered domain names with them. I have always used another hosting service, so I can't speak about that.
It was with hosting that I had problems was a switch over and because their customer service was lacking, it took forever and alot of things ended up not transferred too. Loads of emails to them and endless sitting on hold for a phone rep, and it still didnt' get worked out.
emm...speaking of domain registrars, my oreference as below :-
1. - Yes, I prefer their domain registration service, but not other service of them.
2. Registerfly - seems ok, but i rarely use them unless my buyer want to transfer domain to them after paying me, well, I used to sell domains but lately not active.
3. 1&1 - I don't like, seems complicated.
4. Yahoo - Worst, I regret registered with them, although the price is great compare to godaddy.

Ok, the main reason I like godaddy is due to the fact the they are able to get my new IP/DNS updated very fast, in most cases, the DNS was updated under 6hours. This is important to me as I am also having my own webhosting site. I would advise my members to go with godaddy if they want to get their domain pointed and updated to my server fast.

When I need to build up a new hosting site and get its IP branded under the domain name, I found out that I could do it easily with godaddy with IP input. With yahoo...i was just stuck as I could not update my new dns with IP input. I was having painful time when I changed my site hosting from other to my own, the domain/site somehow got messed up with the DNS. It only solved and stable down after 48hours...a painful 48hours!

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