Google Adsense
One thing that works well for me is making sure they are targetted as good as you can make them. As Zack mentioned keywords play a big role in this. Also excluding irrelevant text from the page will help get more focused keywords.
This is one of the problems I have with adsense. If you have a blog type site or more literary site, not to mention current events, you sometimes wish you had more ability to pick and choose. One reason I like amazon.
i like adsense, because give me every month $$$ Big Grin
With my websites I have had pretty good results by placing one banner ad and one sidebar ad. But I do not make much money from people clicking on the ads. I make my money through every one thousand impressions which is better than CPC.
google adsense is a good way but one thing is very painful when make more money and sudden some one mistake your account block you spoiled fully and then you have no idea how to do that Find more about us!
Google adsense is a good way to earn through online
Google adsense helpedme on my ms treatment site and cell therapy site
Google ad-sense is best for the website traffic come on the own website.

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