Hello, I,m new to forum and new to domains
I am new and looking to learn. I may be selling some of the domains I am holding. I just wanted to see what is out there.
visit my domain broker to buy (or) sell domain names

Kindly check the link http://www.18must.com which is for sale and I am really happy to know that 18must is catchy domain. The domain can be easily remember and the idea behind this domain is

"When ever you see any site and register, you have to accept the terms and conditions which states that you are above 18. Thats where I got this idea of 18must.
This can be used for any kind of site and my personnel opinion is 18must suits for a dating or social networking or any online community portals.

I have kept the domain for sale at http://www.sedo.com and you can check the link here


I am expecting USD 3500 and also negiotaible partially if you are serious about the domain.
hold your money when some of the brokers who asks you to do appraisal, don't do that. The buyers buy your domain based on how interested they are, not the appraisal result.
Informative doamin update
aladyover21 Wrote:I am new and looking to learn. I may be selling some of the domains I am holding. I just wanted to see what is out there.

you can check the appraisal value of your domain

http://www.thewebpole.com/[/URL], full service web hosting packages.

they provide values which specifies how much is your domain worth.after that you can start selling here by use www.goresellers.com this link .hope its help.....
Have you tried to appraise your domain name? it is important to know the value of your domains. You can visit domaindiving.com and let your domain names be appraise.

Choose from either Express or Certified appraisals. You'll get your Domain Name Appraisal Express results in 2 hours or less! (Certified Appraisals are available within 2 business days.)

Excited to see the domains that you have Smile

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