How Many Type of Links???
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How Many Type of Links???
Types of Links are Inbound links and Outbound links.
Here are the types of links that you can build to your website, and why you should take advantage of a mixture of each.
Traffic Generating Links. ...
SERP Elevating Links. ...
PageRank Boosting Links. ...
Reputation Building Links. ...
Backlinks for Your Backlinks. ...
The Key to Building Links. ...
Your Link Building.
Internal links, inbound links, and outbound links are the types of links.
There are three types of links that can be used in a web page: relative, and site root relative, and absolute.  Which one is correct to use depends on the location of the page to which it links.
Traffic Generating Links
SERP Elevating Links
PageRank Boosting Links

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