Can poor inbound links affect a site?
Just curious, can inbound links from link sites (not added by website owner) harm the website?

Also, since it could be added at anytime, would Google view this be as a duplicate submission? For example, one could be submitted as and other,

Thoughts, anyone? Smile
According to Google no. According to other people who have done tests, yes. We all know that if you could do it, people could potentially harm other sites, and that is why Google says you can not harm others with links.

However, like I said, some people have "bowled" sites out of the rankings by linking to them.
yes, it absolutely makes harm to sites, if those links are on link farm , you may also get banned by google for that
It depends really, you usually have to link back or something like that, outbound links are far more important than inbound links concerning this. I doubt inbound links have much of an effect, tests done could be biased by other factors which are unknown.
Yes, poor linking can damage your site rankings, if you link with link farms, links without nofollow hint, non related submissions etc, these can harm your overall rankings in any search engine
Ow thats bad, very bad. I hared that Google will ban you if you link to any link farm, is it true?
This is confusing!

We cannot control your inbound links. What if a competitor links your site to link farms? What will happen?
Well I don't know.. perhaps bad luck for you? They will like .. destroy you?
yes offcourse, you will be killed that's why you have to check your linking every fortenightly to aviod such things.
what is a link farm?

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