How does the website design better match baidu seo optimization
How does the website design better match baidu seo optimization?
  We should consider the following questions when we are doing SEO work on website structure:
  1. Can Baiduspider find all the web pages?
  2. Does Baiduspider know which web page is important?
  3. Can Baiduspider successfully extract web content?
  4. Can Baiduspider extract useful information from web pages?
  One, friendly website structure.
  1, flat or tree: when it comes to web site structure, everybody all have flat structure and tree structure, it will be called “flat” structure, which refers to the physical structure, namely the directory and file location decisions based on content aggregation structure.
  In fact, for baidu search engine, as long as the structure is reasonable, logical, the content has rules to follow can be, are friendly.
  2. Link structure: relative to the physical structure, it is necessary to refer to the logical structure: that is, the link structure formed through internal links, and the logical structure is the most concern of the search engine.
  For a web site, a web page can only be followed by the first page -- directory 1 -- directory 2. A good link structure should be mesh.
  1) the homepage link should link to the important channel page, and the channel page to the following node page or ordinary page.
  At the same time, the channel page, node page, and general page should be able to link back to the home page.
  2) regardless of which pages are linked to each other, an appropriate anchor text is required.
  3) the link should not be placed in the location where the search engines such as JS and FLASH are not visible. Use the image as the link entry to improve the Alt tag.
  * baidu search engine currently supports only partial JS and FLASH, and most of the links in JS and FLASH are not available.
  4) keep more entries for important pages.
  Baidu‘s search engine thinks it is more important to get more internal voting pages.
  5) “the closer to the home page”, the more likely baidu attaches importance to it.
  This “near” refers to the click distance of the page from the home page.
  Even if the URL is deep in the directory hierarchy, as long as there is an entry on the front page, baidu thinks it is a very important page.
  6) don’t create a terrible island page.
  Although baidu has done a lot of work in submitting portals and social mining, link grabbing is still the most important channel for baidu to get new pages.
  Second, through navigation, baidu better understand the site.
  For users, the problem with navigation is: where I am on the site, I want to look at the first level, or even more, where the entrance is;
  For the spider, the question for navigation is: which domain is this page in, and what the topic is.
  Therefore, clear navigation system can not only improve user experience, but also significant to SEO, and all the websites with excellent SEO have clear and clear navigation.
  1. Navigation content search engine can be seen: the navigation of the website is beautiful and friendly to users, but it is invisible to baidu.
  At present, baidu can‘t handle all JS and FLASH, for the sake of insurance, it is good to use HTML.
  Although the image is beautiful, navigation is also an unfriendly behavior to search engines.
  2. Navigation stability: the navigation content should be relatively fixed and do not make navigation a “scroll bar”。
  3, important web pages in the navigation can follow as much as possible to: baidu think in the main navigation links, its importance is second only to the website home page, so you should try to stand in the page to arrange a location in the main navigation.
  Of course, there is no way to get more content on the main navigation, which links can take the lead and the SEO personnel need to balance.
  4, use opportunely breadcrumb navigation: it says that the navigation for users, solved the “want to have a crush on level 1, and even more content” of the problem, the navigation means the breadcrumb navigation.
  Breadcrumb navigation can make a large, large and medium-sized web site clear and light, and it is highly recommended to use it when spider pages are parsed to look at breadcrumb navigation.
  Three, reasonable domain structure.
  In addition to the website construction master thinking when using secondary domain name or subdirectories, in the process of website, also consider whether to traverse to the child directory into the content of the secondary domain name.
  Because many SEO personnel think relatively independent secondary domain name, the page will get the attention of the baidu, can get a better position, actually this is a one-sided wrong idea, baidu will pass many indicators to a domain name and subdirectories under the domain of the important degree of judgment, who does not arbitrarily think will be better than those who by nature.
  When SEO considers that the structure of the site has already blocked the website’s rapid development, it will consider the revised version. The most common revision is to remove the subdirectory from the main site and form the secondary domain name alone.
  But as everyone knows, the revision is sure to have an impact on the site‘s ranking and traffic, and be careful.
  So in what circumstances do you really need to replace subdirectories with second-level domains?
  In fact, there is only one point: the content of subdirectories is rich enough, and the theme of the main domain is not strong enough!
  Four, the url structure is important.
  1. The rule of url structure: there are different urls on the same page, which can cause multiple urls to be recommended by users and the weight value is scattered;
  At the same time, the url that baidu finally chooses to show is not necessarily in line with your expectations.
  The site should try not to place unnecessary content such as sessionid and statistics code in the url, if it is necessary to do so, it can forbid baidu to grab these non-standard urls through robots.
  2. It is better for users to judge the content of web pages from the url, so as to facilitate the communication between users.
  3. The url is as short as possible

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