How long does it take Google to Index

I am working on a new site and was wondering what the delay is, between the time that Googlebot visits your pages and when those pages turn up in Google's search engine results?


I never waited bots to submit my site.
I submitted manually my all sites to google.
Its better to do that.
Yeh. What I mean is, when google visits your site, and crawls through all your pages, how long does it take for those pages to appear on google search results
It depends on a lot of factors. My experience is it is no more than a few days initially, especially if you have multiple decent links with good page rank pointing at it. That being said I just launched a brand new site today, so I will keep tabs and let you know.

I know the last site I launched I had over 1000 pages indexed within 3 weeks, which was very nice.
From my experience, depending on the size of your site, it might take Google 1 to 3 weeks. The last one, I had launched contained 200+ pages, that took about a week and a half.
I thinks it do not takes more time if you have some backlinks and forum segnatures.
Thats my experience.
It took 15 days for my website to get indexed.
15 days in the scheme of things is not too bad.
it really depends on how important google thinks you site is. I have had a site index and returning search engine traffic within 3days, but I have no idea how I did that.
If you do a sitemap in both xml and html, and have backlinks, put it on Google Bookmarks and Yahoo Bookmarks (its another name)I have gotten it within three days.
deelip Wrote:I thinks it do not takes more time if you have some backlinks and forum segnatures.
Thats my experience.
It took 15 days for my website to get indexed.

I hope you don't mind a newbie question here: Does having a link on a forum signature benefit you even if nobody clicks on it, then?

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