How soon can I transfer a newly purchase domain from yahoo?
Hi everyone,
Ok I need some inputs. I wonder how soon would I be able to transfer one of my domain out from yahoo? I mean, the domain was registered at yahoo domain with special price (currently only $1.99 for new account)., so would I be able to transfer to godaddy? I simply don't want to renew the domain next year with yahoo. Well, godaddy is cheaper in renewal fee.:p

I don't know the specifics, but I have read in the past it was a major PITA to transfer domains away from Yahoo! on the $1.99 plan.

I think you can do it, but you have to call them, and potentially pay a transfer fee that negates the cheap domain price to begin with.
Did you email/call Yahoo and ask for the pricing already?
I think we are all just too used to getting things cheap. I figure that if some wants to give us a domain name for $1.99 he does want something from us, which possibley is linked business such as hosting or mail services. I think its only fair that a business like Yahoo should want to do the same.

However making the process of transferring a domain a PITA is not cool at all. You wanna charge a fee to release? Go ahead.... just make the process simple and quick.

I have not used Yahoos services ever so would know what the exact process is but I assume there must be some sort of form (online i guess) to fill out and a payment of some sort.

Yahoo Support would probably be the best place to get this info.

They have this page up for people wanting to transfer or point domains to Yahoo's nameservers. I am sure they must have a similar page if you are Yahoo customer for Domains or Hosting.
wizkid Wrote:I think we are all just too used to getting things cheap. .

Ain't that the truth. lol. Every now and then we mention about having to spend money to make money but I'm in the mindset of wanting to get a "deal" every time out. I might be better off to just relax and pay for some convenience.

I think they do both. Honestly, I never took them up on the offer as when I was about to do it, I heard about the runaround transfering domains away from there.

So I could be totally off-base, but my understanding is they make it difficult and charge to boot.
I have always heard that Yahoo , does indeed charge to leave. Echos
Charging to leave. Have your new domain registrar, say where you want to host and have them transfer your domain. Do you still think they would charge you if your hosting company is calling? I know that my hosting company transfered a domain from a different registrar for me and it went rather smoothly. *note to self: Do not register with yahoo for domains*
Yahoo! has been really weird with me in the past. They basically acted like they owned my site because it was part of a hosting package and I had to purchase it all over again. I don't recommend Yahoo to register a domain unless you're going to keep them forever. They "break up" about as annoyingly as AOL. (Pardon if I've offended any AOL'ers here.)
I guess they have to "get you" somehow. They draw you in with cheap pricing in the hopes you stay a long time and they recoup some losses then hit you when you find someone else to move on to. Kind of like an early termination fee. It should be outlined clearly when you start to do business with them.

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