How to create a free .tk domain for your server?

I see many people advertising their server IP addresses, maybe not realizing that you can get a domain for free. I believe there are other services similar to this, I've just used in the past and have been pleased. If anyone is curious, .tk is a country code top-level domain for Tokelau, a small territory of New Zealand. They also offer paid-for domains and decided to use their TLD to generate income. Below, I'll show you the steps to create your own .tk domain and set it up to use with your server. How do we make sure we get 25 hits every 90 days? do we get a warning? Is there any way we can get help to make sure we make it? do 25 connections = 25 hits? Will i be warned? Is it just one hit per person? or can I do half the hits of just logging in normally? Will be a pain getting that much if it's different people.

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