I just sold a large site! wohoo
Wow, congrats! All of that hardwork finally paid off!! This is certainly wonderful news.
Just adding another voice to the chorus of congratulations. Good for you! And thanks for posting about it because it's nice to have the inspiration.

i think the art of selling domains rests a lot on the keywords picked?

does yr PR and alexa matter much at all?

i know my colleague who sold newshunter.com made good money off it.
he didnt say, but i think it went for $20k or so.
deelip Wrote:Congratulation.
I also sold a domain for near 1k.
Its my first large income.

What domain was that? Big Grin
Hello to everyone its nice to hear that u have sold the domain for that large amount.Congratulation keep it up if i wanted to sell any doamin i will ask to help me out.
That's just awesome!:o Congratulations!

I've never sold a website.
Congrats, I know it is a bit late, but that is so cool. I don't know anyone who has sold a domain. How much work is required to get a domain to sell for that much?
Aah congratulation.
I am late I think. But wanted to share something with you guys.
I sold a domain in 250$ some days ago.
Wow guys that is wonderful . How do you do it ??? Echos

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