Investment in prefix "e" or "i" domain?
Is "i" better than "e" a lot of value?
this two year "i" is too strong.
who will win in the future?

"I" has a lot of famous company like google , apple ....
product:igoogle, ipond, iphone, iTunes, icoke, ibm..^^"

this is i can remind of prefix "i" domain.
but i can't remind of prefix "e" domain, someone would share it?

if only can choose an one, which one is you want? i or e?

The "i" is directed to enhance end-user products rather than services.
The "e" applies as a short form of "electronic".

Why to compare apples and oranges?

There are more "i" than "e" recently.

I won't invest in both to be frank
Takwa Wrote:There are more "i" than "e" recently.

I won't invest in both to be frank

I am getting wouldn't invest both too.
it depends on your whole domain. not everything having i or e prefix increases the domain value. it is how people see it as a whole
"i" defenetelly has more value than "e" & will win the future, beacause it sound more high tech & futuristic.
wouldn't invest too
neither other
IPODIC anyone?
wow you guys really messed up my poor forum width huh? Sad

I partly agree with investica's first comment, that they serve completely different purposes (one personalises products and the other digitises them).

I would definately be open to doing a market study on which is more popular though.
It depends on the keyword following the "e" or "i". If it is a quality keyword (one word) then get both, if you can.

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