Olympic related domain names
I am from London, and recently registered two Olympic related domain names.
I then tried to park it with Sedo, then got told it was TRADEMARK, so i had to cancel them.

Anyway I check and found it on Nominet




They even tried to Trademark 2012, a number and a date, I wonder how will they able to do that?

Olympic is a tradition from thousand of years ago, it's like getting "Christmas" or "New Year" trademark, not going to work is it?

Also the London2010 logo is making me go blind! Cool

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Worst logo I ever saw in my life!
Look like it's showing spelling of "S-H-I-T".

Nice Avatar.
Who is that girl?
Shin Mina AKA Miss Korea World Cup 2002

More picture of her her :


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olympic is a trademark, however london and 2012 is not a trademark (yet). They can apply for trademark for 2012, but for london dont think its possible.

Olympic domain names? What do you think of:


I am putting it up for sale in the "Sell Domain" section. See you there!

"OLYMPIC" is a trademark...???? AMAZING!!!



Quote:The Amateur Sports Act, 36 U.S.C. 380, gives the International Olympic Committee the exclusive right to prevent any person from using the following items for the purpose of trade, to induce the sale of any goods or services, or to promote any theatrical exhibition, athletic performance, or competition: [INDENT] The symbol of the IOC consisting of five interlocking rings

The emblem of the corporation

Any trademark, trade name, sign, symbol, or insignia falsely representing association with, or authorization by, the IOC

The words Olympic, Olympiad, Citius Altius Fortius, or any combination or simulation thereof tending to cause confusion, to cause mistake, to deceive, or to falsely suggest a connection with the corporation of any Olympic activity. [/INDENT]

More here: http://www.acluutah.org/olympictrademark.htm
The OLYMPIC word has indeed been trademarked! But for all practical purposes, I would nor hesitate a minute to use it for the duration of the Olympics which is so short anyway.

Do you think the Olympic Commitee would have the time (over a period of only a few short months) to initiate a complaint and have the WIPO to order the transfer of such domain in their favor??

Hello Investica,
I just wanted to say that after researching WIPO, their process from request to decision are amazingly fast.

I have a link to WIPO news here:
Captain Dave's Superb Domains - Free Domain Information

OK YES! OLYMPIC is trademarked and so be it!

But thousands and thousands domains were registred before OLYMPIC became a trademark. RIGHT? And thousands more after the trademark was registered. And thousands more will be registered in 2012.

And millions OLYMPIC domains names will be on the web in 2012.

My point is this: the WIPO will never be able to resolve more THAN 5/8/10 OLYMPIC domains to be transfered PER MONTH. LOL!


My Olympicsite.com has 99.99999999% chance to survive in 2012.

Want to buy it?
investica2008 Wrote:My point is this: the WIPO will never be able to resolve more THAN 5/8/10 OLYMPIC domains to be transfered PER MONTH. LOL!
Not everyone gets caught for speeding. But those that do tend to regret it.

But...I guess you can afford to lose if the Olympic Committee decides to file a dispute. Nothing to complain about if that happens, right?

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