Problems registering .US domain names
Hey guys

When I try to register a .us domain name I am asked to fill in particular option buttons. In particular I have to clarify the reason I want to use the domain and certify that i am a US citizen.

However, I am not related to US in any way. Do u think that I will have problems in the future , if i register a .us domain name?
You might always have problems so I suggest you look for sites that don't require this type of certification. You are probably experiencing the results of the war on terror...but I could be wrong!
SageMother Wrote:but I could be wrong!

You are. :p

Like most country code domain names, .US requires a US-based address
and your being able to demonstrate your interests there if called upon.
Hey I am sure that I am experiencing the war on terror. Anyway I have tried with 1and1 and Godaddy. Does anyone know another registrar that doesn't require these kind of certificstions?
I think they require that just for the .us domains... I might be wrong but I don't think so. I would say keep trying, but I'm almost sure every site will ask you the same thing for .us domains. Good luck!
fleahol Wrote:Does anyone know another registrar that doesn't require these kind of certificstions?
For .US and certain ccTLDs, no exceptions because the Registries of those
extensions require it.
The first reply in this thread is clearly wrong...

Yes, a United States address is a requirement of registering a .us domain.

You can register one if you are:

1. a resident of the United States or one of it's territories

2. are registering the domain on behalf of an organisation that is recognized (lawfully) in the United States

3. an entity with a bona fide presence in the United States

Practically, you generally have to tick a box indicating that you are elligable for the domain (ie. that you fulfill one of the above conditions) and you may be asked for a US address.

Not that I advocate this, but it is always possible to just, uhum, blur the truth a bit and provide a us address that is not yours, or an address that is nonexistant.

I doubt that anyone would actually check whether you have a legitimate right to hold the domain. However, it is possible that your domain becomes disputed (such as in a trademark case), in which case it could be deemed that your registration is illigitiate. In that case, the domain would be transfered away from you.


Great information. This has me thinking about creating a couple m ore domains with a .us, assuming I find the time!
Well, when I registered a .US all the stuff sure pointed to getting in trouble if you are not a US addy, so I would say yes you would get in trouble. Smile
Thank you Zach for clarifying things for us the ones that don't know too much about the whole process. I didn't know one had to be US resident to register a .us domain.

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