How do i sell this valuable domain?
I submitted my domain to sedo and moniker both refuse to accept it in their database. I know it is a very valuable domain.leaving this domain, I have placed all my domains of .in tld for auction at moniker for affiliate summit.

I wish to know how to showcase it. i.e place in some auction site to grab some buyers. any one with frank idea may respond please.

:eek: :eek: :eek: The domain is expired and i request the admin to close this thread:eek: :eek: :eek:
Seriously, this name is not all that valuable. Child porn is illegal in most countries and the target of INTERPOL investigations. Child pornographers exist on the fringes, they don't put themselves into the spotlight with obvious domain names.
I have registered that domain in an idea that, some social media that speaks prevention (or) prohibition of child porn, child abuse, laws for child abuse & porno ETC,

such social media will contact me to acquire this domain.

your insight is true, child porno is illegal and people engaged in such illegal activity will have concealed domain names to safeguard them self
Are you saying that you wish to use the domain name for people who are against child porn? Why would you buy a domain with that name? Those people who are who are on those sites illegally are the ones you'll see.
prevention of child porno ,legal enforcements ETC can be written on such sites. such sites receives some type in traffic also. this website will educate people about prevention of this & warns to those who do this illegal activities.
I see it as a site with half going in one direction. And the other half doing the exact opposite. The very words in it are "child", and "porn'. It's just asking for trouble, with these word in it.
I suppose you could try to sell the domain through the usual methods (forums, online auctions). I just would not expect a strong response. Non-profit organizations generally do not bid on domain names.
I'm sorry but I don't think your domain has any value. Even though your intentions seem good, just those words will create more problems than anything else. But hey, I'm not an expert, I'm just an internet user and I know for sure I would never look for something like that.
I tend to agree. I think it's missing the clear message in the domain name that it's against child porn.

As it is, if someone were so inclined they could develop it as a site for child porn, couldn't they?

Why would you want to get involved with a name like that?

I'd want absolutely nothing to do with it. I wouldn't even click on the link.
Regardless of the intent, a site using such a name is worthless considering the impression it creates, and I have a feeling you already know that. I can't take your question seriously.

A domain for a site against kiddie porn should have something indicating child protection, if you turly feel compelled to use "child" or "children" in the domain name

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