PR5+ Domains
I've been wanting to buy a PR5 or higher domain for a while now. I don't really care much about the topic. PM me or just reply here if you have something.
What kind of domain.
I mean what should be the domain related for?
Just a warning, be careful of people who use their other domains to pump up a site and sell it based on its PR and then pull all their links as soon as they sell it.
I've got a PR4 that I don't have time for anymore.

Triumph, I like your warning. You might want to look at some other factors besides PR.
Yeah PR isn't everything. PR 5 doesn't exactly mean that the website gets 10,000 uniques a month..
Dear Sir,

I should like to sell next domains soon:

1. high appraised internet domain(11000$ potential market value, 3300$ current market value in SO2289036 appraisal done by
In case your bid is fine,I suggest Escrow via holding in Canada.
If your bid is fine I might grant you with a few new domains.
I can forward you SO2289036 appraisal in case you enclose E-mail.
Best regards,
Mr.Milan Vukadinovic

You may PM or send direct message
What is your budget? I have some sites.

Which are earning great revenue.
My question is do the PR5 domains go a for a certain price? Or is the domain value based on other factors as well?
Trying to learn as much as possible as soon as possible. Can someone explain what PR 4, PR5, etc....means?

Thanks much!
I think I need to read some more about it so I can understand it. I would love to know those specific things.

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