Power of forum signature.
I was clueless about that, too., and it's a tasty tidbit to know. When you think about it, it does make sense. And here I've been discounting sig lines as fluff. Oy.
deelip Wrote:I didnt know that before only signature can give pr2 for a site. I have a site with no backlink but lots of signature links.
I didnt expect any pr since i i didnt have any backlinks. But only forum signature bring my site in pr2. Isnt that great?

Thats kinda great Smile
i'm getting a ton of high PR backlinks with my sigs.

and a bunch of organic traffic too.

a lot of it depends on your post quality and the size of the board.
has anyone noticed my sig? help me people i dont know what to do with it. im willing to let someone rent it for a couple months if thats what it will take for someone to explain in details how the sig links help increase PR.
I never new sigs helped so much, maybe I better start. Smile
deelip Wrote:Yeah.
I used to be wondered seeing people buying forum signature.
Once a guy asked for my forum signature in 5$ for 2 months. I only thought thats for traffic. I know that also can be usefull for pagerank also only after the last pagerank update.

Will you charge him more now that you know this, assuming he asks again?

Big Grin
that's is true, a forum signature link is just a back link. perhaps the forum anchor text <a href ...> should be the same as the html format. so you've got backlinks.

it's a guess, since i was a computer engineer.

the method actually is called "link building" in SEO terms. there's a lot of ways to build your website backlinks beside forum signatures!
hey andrew wee is here? is that your kid andrew? I read you through Joel Comm's or marketers website i can't remember!
triumph Wrote:One thing I might try is to go back and link to a new site in all my forum posts in all the forums I belong to. Over the years I have made a lot of posts. I wonder what would happen if all those posts turned to a new site right away.

If you do this, please let us know what results you get. I was wondering that myself! I guess I would be surprised of all the posts I made too.
It really helps most to post on related forums. That way you're getting relevance in your backlinks, which boosts PR.

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