Survey - How did you sell your first domain?

Im relatively new to the domain game and im curious to poll the forum...

How did you sell your first domain?
How much did you sell it for?
and How long did it take you?

I think this could be useful for new and old hands a like to see what different methods people took to break into the business

I have a few domains, listed on my signature but as yet i havent sold any but very recently listed a couple of them on Sedo and GoDaddy...

Look forward to hearing your responses....
have a look
I selled my first domain on!
And Here Free Sedo Domain Ads and Traffic
I sold my first domains on sedo for $300 and it was not a .com
There are so many resellers are available for selling domain names. You can search for resellers and after comparing rate among them you can purchase domain name. You can see reviews about domain name providers on the web.
I just started and sold my first on ebay for $100. My second sold on Namecheap Marketplace for $250.
sold my first domain name through sedo too for 400 - I think they're a good way to go , with the parking and all ... and also they're attractive for the buyers, because of their references and fame in the domain world...
I first thing I did before selling a domain is finding the appraisal values of all the domains. is a good place for free appraisals of any number of domains. Once the value is found sold it in for the same price.

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