Tips for domain selling
If you want to get a good price don’t sell to domainers, LOL.
Thanks for the info
diamond2099 Wrote:Great domains showing:

goodluck! support:

[Image: ihot.jpg]
This seems to be a good web hosting service.
zach Wrote:I got this email today, and so I took a shot at answering it.

I figured that it would be interesting for everyone here, so I decided to share it (and my answer) with you. Got more tips? Then please reply to this thread!

My reply:

I'm happy that you have found the book helpful.

The truth is, as in any business, it's all about luck in the
distribution of market forces. If you are selling, you need a buyer,
and vica versa. The first step to finding a buyer (that will pay you
around what you expect) is to list your domain at a brokerage. You say
that you have already done this on Afternic, and that's a great start.
I would additionally advise you to list them on Sedo - the more
exposure the better. There are a couple of things that you can do to
'increase your luck', and all of them are listed in the Domain Book.
Register domains for which there is a significant market. Feature the
domains where you can and WHEN you think it appropriate (be selective
as this can be expensive). Get maximum exposure for your domain by
listing on brokerages, but also check out the Domain Names Wanted
section of domain forums.

One more tip, there is no need to go ahead and appraise your domains
before you find a buyer. Chances are, a buyer will buy based on the
domain and not the appraised value. Afternic appraisals ARE over
valued, and they are a good way to get your price up AFTER you have
found a buyer.

thanks for info it was very helpfull.
thanks for sharing
How does one protect themselfs from scammers I have gotten a few emails of folks wanting to buy some of my domain but once I setup the sale thru they never go thru with the sale. So whats the best way to identify those emails?
thanks for sharing
interesting information
good sharing for domainers

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