What exactly is SEO optimization, and how do users do SEO optimization
What exactly is SEO optimization, and how do users do SEO optimization?
What does SEO mean?
SEO Optimization in encyclopedia is the Search Engine Optimization, which USES the rules defined by the Search Engine to improve the website‘s natural ranking.
It is important to note that search engine optimization is not only baidu, but also some other search engines, such as Google, 360, sogou, taobao and so on.
Either way is SEO optimization.
How to do SEO optimization?
When we know what SEO means, we may have some problems. How to do SEO?
So I’ve compiled an outline for how to do SEO, and you can do SEO optimization in terms of the details to achieve our goal.
(read more: SEO optimization and how to do SEO)
When we know what SEO optimization means, there is a great deal of confusion about how to do SEO optimization.
Usually, SEO optimization requires a certain amount of thought, and then combined with the details to achieve our goal.
1. Set the title, keywords and description of the website.
When we do SEO optimization, we usually use the website. After we have built the website, we will set up a website‘s title, keywords and description information.
This is the most basic part of SEO optimization, and it is also a very important part.
When setting key words, we need to set up the content of the website first. For example, if a website is optimized as the title of SEO, the content of this website should be combined with the title.
In general, before you prepare a website, you will prepare a lot of content.
Then there are the key words of the website, some sites have a wide range of keywords, but we should set them according to our own situation, such as setting the long tail key words.
For the average new webmaster, the long tail keyword is better optimized.
Finally, you need to set up a description. The content of the description must be relevant to the content of the website.
2. Optimize the content of SEO.
Many people have a big head when doing SEO articles, but the original article is not very difficult to write, in the form of ordinary speech, can make the customer easier to understand.
3. How to set the chain structure of the website?
In the baidu announcement, there is a description of the site as a tree, the front page and the column surface like a tree branch, and then links to the content page.
When we do a website, we can link the navigation to any page, and then we can set the keyword to the relevant content page.
This will increase user access, and also allow baidu to come to our new page, which will include new pages.
This article describes what SEO optimization and how to do SEO optimization, in fact SEO is a good understanding, and easier to do.
Search engine optimization or SEO in short, is a set of rules that can be followed by website (or blog) owners to optimize their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings. In addition, it is a great way to increase the quality of their web sites by making them user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

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