What are baidu‘s requirements for image optimization
What are baidu‘s requirements for image optimization?
In recent two months before you found some search results in baidu search when increase the image, apparently in some scenarios such representations significantly improving the user’s retrieval experience: picture is obviously better than the visual text, by the user can in the shortest time of reading substance will determine the page, and then quickly into the content page for details.
On the other hand, it also improves the click-through rate of graphics and text and brings better benefits to the webmaster.
As a result, many webmasters have tested in various ways or asked questions in the “Lee on line” activity, and attentive friends will find answers to this in the event.
To introduce here with everyone clear. Needs to be stressed the point that: hope webmasters don‘t deliberately to do figure for the graphic pictures, must according to their own content, and the user’s reading and usage scenarios, in suitable conditions were optimized.
1. At present, the webmaster only needs to place the picture in the main content of the page, baidu will conduct corresponding image recognition and scene recognition, and the following will provide the protocol specification;
2. The image size is as close as possible to 121:75;
3. The picture must be closely related to the content of the page. If there is cheating or bad low-quality picture, there will be corresponding processing mechanism:
A. Block out the drawing;
B. Reduce the ordering of url in the station;
C. The whole station will be affected.
Use the keyword(s) in the file name.
Create descriptive alt text.
Make sure the image matches the content.
Don’t stuff keywords.

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