What is Advantage And disadvantage of link building..?
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What is Advantage And disadvantage of link building..?
Here are the Advantages of Link Building in SEO

1. Increases link popularity
2. Increases page rank
3. Easy to get links in the future
4. Increases search engine ranking
5. Increases website traffic
6. Increases sales
7. Popularizes business
8. Cost effective Advertising

Disadvantages of Link
1. Chances of reduced sales
2. Time-Consuming
3. Webmaster is necessary
4. Low inbound links PR reduces website PR
Improves the rank of the website.
Increases the popularity.
Takes lot of time.
Advantages of Link Building
Link building is a strategy that maximizes your link popularity over the Internet. Link popularity refers to the total number of sites linking to your site.
These SEO process will also help in increasing your page rank. Low inbound links may mean reduced page ranking. So, having relevant inbound links hold too much importance here. The number of inbound links to your site is also considered by search engines to give you a ranking.
Disadvantages of Link Building

Increasing your page rank with link building method can take several months, even years, as it needs time to get sufficient number of inbound links to your site. If you receive inbound links with low page ranking, then it can ultimately decrease your page rank. So, you need to be very careful while receiving inbound links. In addition to that, you need a webmaster to manage the process of your link building. This is a complicated process, and it requires more follow-ups that you might not be possible for busy website owners. With reciprocal links, you are directing your visitors to go to another relevant site. This can ultimately result in reduced sales from your site, especially if the other site is better than yours.

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