What process is needed to optimize the SEO optimization of self-service site
What process is needed to optimize the SEO optimization of self-service site?
  Corporate websites are the more common types of websites, which are not for marketing and trading, but for displaying corporate image, cultural background and product or service information.
  Enterprise website is equivalent to the network card, don‘t know when the user to see the product or service providers, most will go to search on the Internet to check the related information, the website can play a very important role.
  If the search enterprise name can not find the official website, it indicates that the company’s strength is not strong or its products are not trustworthy.
  SEO optimization is essential in order for the enterprise website to have a good ranking in search results.
  Next, we will analyze the process of SEO optimization of self-service station.
  1. Complete the physical examination of the website.
  When we take over a website that has already been built, our primary task is to conduct a general inspection and evaluation of the site.
  See which factors are in line with SEO optimization and which are not in line with SEO optimization.
  In general, we will look at the factors affecting SEO effect from the website‘s code, three elements, the overall structure of the website, and the inclusion of the situation.
  2. Modify the factors that hinder SEO.
  After having a physical examination of the website, you should make corresponding adjustments to the elements that do not conform to SEO in the physical examination results.
  For example, if the site’s code is too redundant, you need developers to work with streamlining code.
  If the three elements of the website are not reasonable or not set, then we need to carry out detailed research and investigation, and then confirm that the TDK conforming to the enterprise website can be modified or filled.
  In addition, it is important to pay attention to the website hierarchy structure and URL, if it is not conducive to SEO optimization, try to modify it at once.
  3. Build a reasonable internal chain structure.
  The inner chain structure here is an internal chain other than the directory structure of the site.
  When we edit articles, as far as possible in the content correlation stronger chain, can make a noun explanation, recommended product introduction or related information, etc., must be reasonable when the chain to add right amount.
  (related reading: how to establish the link in the website)
  4. Publish external chain to attract spiders and transfer weights.
  Although the importance of baidu‘s external chain is not as great as it used to be, it is not that the external chain is useless.
  When we build the external chain, we still transfer the weight, and we can attract the spider to visit our target website, increase the number of the website’s capture, and then improve the inclusion of the website.
  The transfer of weight and the promotion of the website are all important factors to improve the ranking of websites.
  Therefore, we should not only pay attention to the internal adjustment of the website, but also release the external chain to assist, which has achieved the effect of rapidly improving the ranking of website.
  Note: enterprise website optimization and marketing website is a little different, we need to pay attention to the choice of keywords to strongly focus on corporate brand, name and product related keywords, don‘t involve too much in the editorial content of marketing content, you just need to positive description of’s official website.
The process needed to optimize the SEO optimization of self-service siteare:-

1. Relevancy
2. Quality of your content
3.User experince
4. Site speed
5.Cross device linking
6. Internal linking
7. Authority
8. Meta descriptions and title tags
9. Properly tagged images
10. Evergreen content

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