Windows Server 2016 - Cannot connect PC to Domain?

I have Windows Server 2016 on my domain controller and Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC. I have set up a domain on Windows Server and whenever I try to connect my PC to the domain, it just cannot find it. I tried pinging my domain using the domain controller and it does ping the domain. The domain controller is hooked up to the network via Ethernet and the router's IP address is The IPv4 address showing in the server manager is for the AD DS, DNS and DHCP. Manageability says online for all of these as well. The Windows 7 PC has IPv6 disabled and IPv4 is set so that the first option is selected as "Obtain an IP address automatically" and the section underneath is set to "Use the following DNS server addresses" and the address in there is The PC is wireless and when I put in the domain "cidro" (without quotes) in the domain field and click "OK", I get an error message saying that an AD DC could not be contacted.

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