Would changing of domain ownership affect SERP?
Hi everyone, good day to you. I wasn't paying attention to this particular area until recently it just kind of sparks of my mind. Ok, my question is, if a domain has changed the ownership and reflected in the whois record, will this also affect the SERP for the domain or site(if already developed)?

Well, we all aware that google looks at the "aging" factor, so if the ownership is changed, wouldn't it appear to google that the domain is "new" in the sense that the domain is with "new" onwer? Or google just look at the "original" domain creation date?

Anyone has actually take note of this area? kind to share your experiences?
Not sure, but I think they look at the creation date under whois.
Hard to say really. I think Google potentially could use this information in a lot of ways. I don't know of too many examples of major serp changes just from a whois update, though.
It won't affect you much . Because Google inspects your Whois details before it. So it is not going to affect you. You can check the Whois details for free from www.WhoisXY.com all the best mate.

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