AC buys just about anything and everything for next to nothing. There are other places to sell work that pay pretty well. My husband is an aspiring writer and has slaved over a couple of AC articles for that were rewarded with offers ($) the same as pure dribble he threw together in a minute or two. The first article was solid medically based information with references the second the benefits of packing your lunch. Go figure.
There is not only Associate Content, but Family Forums and My Lot.All have great blogs and content.Helium is another.
For own website, my partner and I are the ones producing content, but it is limited because our website design and purpose. I've written articles for other people and for magazines, and even checked out Associate content, but didn't really like it, and they really pay next to nothing. It's not worth the time invested for such little money as a writer, but if what you are looking for is content, they have whatever you might be looking for!
AC is a forum to experiment and tune up. There is some crap out there. But there are a lot of writer's like myself who are quality. For example I just broke open the investigation on Dr. Julia P. Poynter who plagiarized at least 32 AC articles as her own. Mine were among them. If a doctor is using AC material as her own that says a lot. As I found a few writers among the crew who I will be employing on a major online project, I know the quality is there.

Helium to be blunt was the worst piece of garbage I was ever exposed to. Most of the work there is by people who can barely put three words together to form sentence. Two weeks of exposure and I jumped ship.

As for and, most buy bottom dollar and there many problems with payment. I suggest Constant Content for buying because the bounce material for as little as a missed period.

You can also try me as I can write a a variety of subjects and I don't play games. I write for a living. I can also adapt my previous pieces to suit your needs.

A word of caution be careful as Dr. Julia P. Poyner is not the first I caught pilfering my work. Several others has paid very nicely to keep it quiet.
According to me from you can can purchase content if you can't write by yourself.

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