domain name registration
A site promotion for domain name registration keywods are too complex
because a high competitors.
Any new sites as Domain Name Registration have a lot of troubles with promotion.
Yeah there are so many domain registrars . So its really hard to promot the site.
But not only domain regisration site, other site like webmaster forum etc are also hard because of high competition.
That site was confusing! Are you suppose to have a clear idea after you register your domain of what to do next? The great news is that you can get all those answers here on this site!
Yes, this is the site to be on. It has a great wealth of information and people to help bring that information to the forefront. That site was a bit confusing. There could be a better layout with more user friendly colors.
When I got my first domain through bravenet I was totally confused because I thought once I bought the domain that was it...I don't think they explained very well about hosting and such for someone like me who was just starting out.
I thought that too when I first registered my initial domain. There should be a read me first section before people start out and purchase domains etc.
It would be smart for people to research more thoroughly, but the truth is, people don't. It would be great if the registrars would have an easy-to-follow "how to" section on their sites.
Yeah, registration for dummies. I remember my first domain registry. I was so confused afterward about how to get my site running.
I think if you do your research it's possible to translate all this but yeah, it was a little confusing. They should think about people (like me) who don't know anything yet.
Ladybecklyn Wrote:There should be a read me first section before people start out and purchase domains etc.

And lose out to those who don't? Wink

As you guys stated, many people just don't care. They only want results.

Unfortunately that can bite them hard later on.

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