high cpc domains
how to make money on high cpc domain i got one domain quotesfree got $26.64 cpc
You can sell that domain in the future.
Honestly that has been my belief as well for the most part. Which is probably what intimidates me the most about the competition? However, I have had many private offers for this particular site and most of the interest is drawn in because of the age of the domain itself.

The most common reasoning is the age. A lot of people seem to believe that a domain this old could easily be used to throw its weight around and take out some of the tougher competition, if that's the case I want to take advantage of it because I am pretty sure it could make thousands of dollars if it was ranking for only a few of these search terms.

But if the domain age doesn't matter all that much, then I will just sell it to the highest bidder and let someone else deal with it.

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