please appraise
New purchase, please comment and/or appraise. Who might use this? Thanks! :p
If this were, I would expect it to be full of photos of bikers or good looking guys. Spelled this way, I'm wondering if it is "ba dudes" or, "bad udes." Darn it, there just needs to be two "d's."
Thanks! I guess I'll need a badude that is spelling impaired. Hey- is ude a wurde?Smile
only in our secret language Wink but it IS an acronym! (unfortunately) for:

UDE Underwater Detection Establishment (Great Britain)
UDE Undesirable Effects (Goldratt: Theory of Constraints)
UDE Undetected Character Error
UDE Unidad de Desarrollo Educativo (Spanish: department of education)
UDE Universal Data Exchange

Nice, simple, family oriented domain, really.

But seriously, just to but in with a little constructive advice here: it's always good to not leave out letters in domains. People do this A LOT.. and it really devalues thair domains.

On the bright side, you can learn from this! And it's still a good looking domain. Post it up for sale on the forum and on brokerages ( and see if anything comes of it.

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