Building page rank
Well Google should reveal itself to either have successful plans worked out or not within the next few years. I can't see their current stranglehold on AdSense and Page Rankings continuing for much longer without some sort of outcry from the community that depends on internet revenue.
I actually never paid attention to page ranking. Maybe because I only have 2 little blogs, and the traffic I get are from people that are interested, and from links on other blogs. I guess I would need to do more marketing and see if something happened.
That really is the best way to get your traffic higher naturally though. The same people who are constantly looking for new ways to exploit PageRank are the ones who end up getting screwed over by Google in the end regardless.
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Page Rank of a website can be built with the help of building back links to high PR websites through Off page SEO techniques such as article submission, Directory submission, forum posting, profile submission, blog commenting, social bookmarking and guest posting.
if you want to get quality back links to increase the page rank you have to create good and unique back links by doing SEO off page and On page techniques. Daily update the blog with new new unique content with 600 words by giving 2% link which will help to get traffic.

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