Domain Transfer Procedures
Hello All House Members,

Please I want to know what exactly is the procedures involved between the buyer and seller of a domain name as soon as selling price is agreed.

What necessary caution should I take as a domain name seller so as not to loose my domain to fraudsters?

Thank you.

yes, i would like to know the same thing also. not sure how all of it goes down exactly.

Generally it is advisable for the Seller to use an escrow service. Such escrow service may be already provided by your registrar or you can hire one on your own.

A reputable escrow service is indeed necessary, such as

Escrow services will charge you a fee and/or a percentage commission on the sale amount. A minimum fee (such as $50) may be required.

It is between the Seller and the Buyer to agree who pays the escrow fees.

If you are in this situation, I recommend the Domain Book, which explains exactly what to do.

You can get it at
U can transfer the domain name through this site

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