Has anyone tried Link Referral for traffic??
I came accross this website just yesterday & I am really satisfied with it.
link - Free Advertising - web site promotion with traffic marketing and online advertising. website internet advertise for free!
They are sending around 10 - 20 visitors to my website daily . Atleast 1 or 2 write a review everyday.

So how does it work ??
1.) You have to signup for an account.
2.) Select a category - I chose Computing>Forums
3.) Put their code on your main page - (optional)
4.) Visit a few websites & write a review daily. (Doesnt matter if you dont do it daily)
5.) Login each day - (Keeps your website in top half of your category)

Cool eh??
If you want to signup through me just go to the link in my siggy & you will find a button at the bottom of the webpage.
Yeah really cool.
Thanks for that. Is the code for link or not?
I am going to sign up if i do not need to put their link in my site.
You dont need to put their link on your page. But it is better to get them some traffic through you. It increases your ranking in their directory. Whenever someone clicks on their link on your website, the first link on their homepage is your link. So you get even more traffic.
Hey i registered yesterda. Its unbelivable man. I got 7 reviews for my site.
I am loving it. THanks to you man.
Hey, this sounds really cool. My website is getting zero, literally, traffic. The only traffic is from me and that does not count. lol....I am going to check them out, thanks!

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