Type-in Traffic Question
Just trying to figure out what EXACTLY is type-in traffic

If I register a domain name like “business plan” dot com and surfers search for that keyword phrase 2million times in a month can we relate that search as the type-in traffic?

Or must surfers search exactly the domain name “businessplan.com” on their browsers for us to interpret it as type-in traffic?

I want to be very clear on this

Thank you
Type in traffic is when a surfer types in your domain name exactly into the browser address bar. Not everybody uses Google you know.

And even some people who use search engines as a first resort to locate websites will still be curious as to what is located at a certain domain name (especially a .com) even though the website doesn’t show up in the first 1000 search engine results.
good well explanation Ken thanks for that.
Another important thing to add is that generally very few will search for your domain but more the keyword phrase. If you have the domain businessplan.com you are already at a pretty good advantage. Simply work on creating unique and valuable content and optimizing your pages accordingly.

Do that and you should be able to rank fairly high in the search engines.

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