How do you generate traffic
How are you all generating traffic to your adsense ads? Are you using 2nd/3rd tier search engines or blogs or just via sig links in forums?

Does anyone adopt standard SEO techniques as well?
I don´t know yet how will our idea do, but since our website is very much "city oriented" we are planning on using the local websites to put some banners and also out on the real world. It will be a fairly low investment, but here people are very much used to postcards. The more creative, the better. That´s my part of the whole marketing, to get involved with the real world and get them into our virtual world. I´ll let you know how does it work out when we start.
Social websites are best for generate traffic fast on the website. Fast traffic come on website with help of the social sites. A lot of traffic come on the website.
#4 your back links
2.write original articles sure your keywords related to your topic of content
4.use social media.
6.clear page.
Perform the daily SEO activities for the website traffic. Build the backlinks for the traffic.
Daily doing SEO activities helps in improving the traffic. Also local websites can be used to do marketing. Unique content plays an important role. You can do blog posting using it to get more traffic.
There is no meaning of standard SEO technique! rather SEO companies provide such packages
SEO activities must be trending and according to Google algorithm or recent Google updates
Generally to generate traffic for your website, your website should be listed on the top of the search results. To make your website listed on the search results seo is followed for organic results and SEM is followed in Inorgaic results. There are many techniques followed in both seo and sem. The most popular methods of SEM include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) using Google AdWords, submitting website to paid directories,obtaining backlinks from quality websites and buying banner ads on related websites.
(10-27-2012, 01:09 AM)affshow Wrote: your back links
2.write original articles sure your keywords related to your topic of content
4.use social media.
6.clear page.

Thanks. This is very helpful!
-> Submit all of your pages to the Google index - for free..
-> Find out how Google sees your site.
-> Diagnose potential problems.
-> Find out which queries drive traffic to your site.
-> Get re-included.

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