Host Gator
Has anyone here used Host Gator? I personally have never used these myself but I know people that have and they have mixed reviews on their services with their hosting.

Would you recommend Host Gator to someone? What are your experiences with Host Gator?
The have good hosting but aren't they a bit overpriced, I dunno. I used them for a while and never had any other complain except the price.
(02-28-2016, 02:06 PM)Shole Wrote: The have good hosting but aren't they a bit overpriced, I dunno. I used them for a while and never had any other complain except the price.

I believe my boyfriend used them for a while and he seemed happy with their pricing but was never happy with their uptime and their customer service and instead left them and moved to free hosting to save the hassle, whenever he would update software he would have a problem and they would never be up to date to be able to handle it when he did which would cause him problems. His main worry would be would they be ready for more upgrades as the software progressed and not being sure found it safer to move.
Never used Host Gator myself but everyone I spoke to said that their pricing was reasonable and their service was pretty good for what they offered. Having not personally used them myself I wouldn't have much of an opinion on them. I guess with a quick search for reviews on them I am sure you would find more than you need to.
HostGator over sells their servers. They entice new customers with very low prices for unlimited specs, but then fail to deliver.

Their chat support can take hours to connect with anyone. And the ticket support can take weeks....

They used to be great but then they were bought out.

Really don't recommend... stay away! It's just not worth the hassle.
Thank you for that Zach. I see so many that praise them and then others that have a lot of bad words to say about them so it can be confusing but it seems from what you say they are definitely a company to stay away from.

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