How much do you pay your hosting company every month?
Rohitpatel Wrote:Wow this is amazing deal aquariancore. You spend $2 per site for year. This is excellent offer. Is this offer still open?

I didn't mean to steer you wrong that is $10 each for the year for one year than if I stay normal rates. They were supposed to charge for domain registration on 3 (I got a fifth at the wire) but they didn't charge me.
Wow ! You are very luck boy because of not charing on domain registration.
I was thinking the same thing...very lucky...hopefully it will make you money too.
May I suggest Barak Hosting have been with them for about a year now and I have no complaints. Before them I had been with ipower & AIT and they are awful. They were cheap but they fail miserably in reliability and customer service.
Thanks for the Barak Hosting suggestion...I just checked them out and was in the process of going with another but like Barak better.
I'm with and I pay $3 US a month. It serves the needs I have for hosting on those domains. You can get more for more money. None of the prices are steep.
seems everybody is promoting his/her hosting companies. please can I know what to look out for in a GOOD HOSTING COMPANY. Then I go ahead to make my choice. thanks.

I have premium hosting package with Freewebs and paid for a year so that I can take my time working with it. It was less than $100.00 for the year. I am satisfied.
I pay a meesly 5.95. I use go daddy but they have cheaper prices than that. I actually enjoy their hosting. I have never had any problems with them ever since I joined two years ago.
I don't have my site up at the moment, so I don't pay anything.

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