How much do you pay your hosting company every month?
well, myself don't pay any since we are a hosting company!

I don't do any ad here that's what is it.
Hostgator? So I am assuming that they are highly recommended? I currently use GoDaddy.. Not so happy with the service myself..
im currently hosted by a forum mate, in exchange of a few forum points.
if converted to cash, it'll only cost me around $5-$12 a year.

he provides me with 5 gb of disk space, and 250 gb of monthly bandwidth.
everything else is unlimited.

he's a reseller of i've no problems with his hosting so far.

probably, i'll get my own hosting once my sites have gone really big.
but right now, im contented with this.
Please answer this question if you have your own site/blog. See results of poll.
I'm in the same situation as Zach.

Hundreds of sites and hundreds of dollars

Dedicated servers are really the way to go because you have full control.

However, you can get 5GB for anywhere from $3 to $6 per month like here:

and they have .info names for $1.99

This is a good way to get started because if you can
at least cover your costs, then you are in business.

... but if you are serious you really have to make at least a small

oh, wait ...

Here is a company that I use for extra IP addresses on different C blocks that is super cheap and great value.

You get 16 IP addresses and it is only $12.95 per month if you pay in advance.

and you can also get 8 IP addresses for about $8 per month or even 1 dedicated IP for even less

The link below is an affilate link

This may be a great way to go if you are not ready for a dedicated server ... hope it helps someone
$ 45 dollar per year
I got the hosting service here from this site , they are very providing at reasonable cost & they are very much good in providing services ..
I am using the services of microhost company, and found them really very good service providers at lowest price. I am really very happy with their service support and their price for each hosting service.

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