Monetizing domains
How do u monetize your domain. do u just park it or build a site upon it. i dont like parking , i better create some blog on it and put adsense ads on them and then seo it to get high rankings. that really pays
It really depends on the domain. I develop lots of sites, and most of them bring in significant revenue. But I also have hundreds of domains which I park. Some domains, such as some typo domains, are better off parked than developed.

The idea of our site is somehow different, because it is city oriented, so we will not have adsense or any other advertising at the begining, at least for few months. But I guess with time we'll get also adsense to generate extra income. We'll see how it goes. We think it will be good enough to make us some steady income, but we are still a long way to go.
if u are building a city site then best idea to earn is sell adpsace on your site to the local companies of you city. They will surely buy it since most of the users will be local
You think that making a Blog will make you more money than a parked domain?
I agree with tcm9669. I would think that if someone stumbled onto a site that had a blog they would be more interested than stumbling onto a parked page. When I stumble onto a parked page it upsets me because it is just a bunch of links that will not take me where I want to go. If I stumbled onto a blog, there may be some interest there for me to look at it or click a related ad. JMO
How can you judge a better idea to monitize your site, I mean how you guess that its better to park a domain for monitizing for using other ways?
Well it depends really. I suggest parking for typo domains. They bring in the most revenue there. However for "proper" domains, you are better off developing it. :-)
Does anyone feel comfortable posting one of their developed domains -- the ones that are developed for monetization, basically?
one way or another all my sites are there to make money. I use them in different ways and I am developing more.

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