Developing your domains?
Ok guys, I heard that while holding off their domain portfolio, some actually do develop their domains. How do you guys do it?? Do you also perform some SEO for the domain you developed into site?

By developing the domains, do you see higher return than just parking it?
As a general rule, yes, you earn more from developed domains. Domains with content draw more visitors, and more visitors means 1. a higher value website+domain when selling and 2. higher ppc revenue when holding on to a domain.
Sure you get higher return. But like everything else in life, it's not like one of those "get-rich-quick" stuff. You need to have unique and updated content posted frequently etc.
Most of the time, I like to develop niche topics as you you revenue from PPC programs go higher.
It is amazing with a little generic template work and some linking how you can take a no-value domain and turn it into a 3 figure domain.

So definately develop it out to make it look like a viable site. Without it, all you have is the name. Sometimes you have to show people the value.
I agree with Triumph. There's no point in getting a domain with your name on it without having anything worthwhile on it. I can make a great site without my full name on it and still have alot of people visiting. The domain name thing is just basically having no one sponser themselves at the same time you try to sponser yourself.
I always though that the best way to make money on the internet was actually through working! I think if someone has a good idea to develop a site, for example and then works on it, that can be very proffitable in the long run, even probably be able to sell it. I´ve seen some examples in other countries and I think it is a matter of hitting the nail on the head and then things will work wonders. But without a name... things can be a lot harder!
How do you actually develop your domains? What does that mean? I have a PR3 site but I don't know how it became P3. Is it because of my affiliates?
Yes, I agree. I was on a forum the other day reading about this guy who had just bought a domain and was turning around and selling it after a few weeks. He built the content up on the site very quickly. He went on to explain that he does this often as his main source of income. Buying or creating an empty ish domain and building it up and selling it. I think I would get confused or run out of ideas!
podcast Wrote:I usually don't even register a domain name until I have something to put on it. As was previously said, it just doesn't make sense to have an empty domain. It may actually put off potential interested visitors who would otherwise look at your domain after it is in working order. If you park a domain and then want to drive people there to get revenue from parking, then you open up a whole new can of worms as far as stuff to do and keep track of.

I thought you said that you park your domains at :p
Its no guarantee that you will get returns off developed sites, but you definitely have more of a chance of developing it into a little gold mine Wink

Depending on what sort of site you build on it, SEO should be on your checklist (at least the basics).. and if required you could run various campaigns (PPC)

Just make sure you do the right research before spending time/money into something

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