Submit your Parked Domain to directories?
Hello everyone,
Well, we are all here for common interest :- Domain!
Ok, I wonder if anyone has actually goes for the efforts of submitting their parked domains to be listed in those directory sites out there? You know...getting those backlinks to your domain and hoping to be able to pull in traffic from search engines...etc.:p

Or, most of you guys would just parked it without developing the backlinks much?
In most cases you are not allowed to submit parked domains to directories. This is a general policy which is usually adopted by parking partners in order to maintain the quality of the traffic which they send to advertisers. Since natural traffic generally converts more (ie. there are more sales per visitors), parking partners usually only want natural traffic. This includes search engine traffic and type ins. Any artifical promotion is not encouraged, and you may be warned/banned from the program if you do this.

Of course, this dosent stop many people from promoting their parked domains; but if you do it, know the risk of getting kicked out and of having your earnings forfeited. Smile
i'd suggest looking at optimizing yr SEO (search engine optimization) for your site before building traffic via submission to directories, article marketing, backlinks, etc.

this way your site will be indexed optimally.
you can google for SEO resources and check them out.
I tried several times to submit parked them in the directory.
But most of directories deny to submit. Well established directory do not generally submit the parked domains in my experiences.

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