Using generic word / phrase in domain?
Can I use something like "Thebaystore" under the auspices that it is The Bay Store and not TH ebay store?

Does ebay have any rights to the domain name even if their name is in the middle but not an actual part of it?
Oh that's a good question! Unfortunately, is already taken by some folks up near the Hudson Bay.

I thought of and looked ...someone has it that isn't doing anything much at all and that's too bad. Could be a good one!
They both sound good.
I was using that as an example. I have another site in mind that is available, but I just don't want to get a domain that someone company will take away from me.
There must be consulting internet copyright lawyers for this type of thing. In which case, it would be nice to know if anyone has had experience and who the goods ones, as well as the bad ones, might be.
The laywers would give you the answers you need.

Do you know of any good online sites where there is legal advice about this stuff?

Sorry Vicki- I don't know where you could get legal advice concerning this. If I do find any I'll let you know.
That's a great question. Wouldn't this likely result in (using your example) maybe E-bay wanting to take the domain name off your hands?
I would contact the Library of Congress and their copyright division. I understand they have a whole new wing devoted to just this sort of thing.

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