Where I Get My Domain Name Ideas From

I often get asked where I get my ideas for registering domain names and the truth is from everywhere.

If you pay close attention to whats going on around you sooner or later you will have domain name ideas flying at you faster than you can register them.

Now lets be very clear here, I am not talking about making up any old name like homulono.in or jubagawa.in or other nonsensical rubbish that I see people registering all the time or worse paying hundreds for from drop lists!! Hello!!.

I am talking about names that relate to a product or service that someone at this very moment somewhere in the world (or preferably India) is spending money on.

Any time I go shopping or standing looking at magazines in book store or watching TV I find domain name ideas come at me like lightning bolts. ( I always make a note to myself on my mobile phone so I don't forget when I am out so I can check the domain when I get home) they just don't stop. Its infectious!!

Magazines are a perfect example. If a magazine exists for a certain subject such as Digital SLR Cameras then it makes perfect sense that there is money to be made especially when you consider what companies / businesses are spending on advertising in those magazines. 

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