how to get back the domain name if after transfer to buyer?

I'm having the situation here, the buyer is not sending the second half of the agreed amount of money for 2 domains, 1 half was sent 25k, i sent the 2 domains, and the second after was expected to come by 30 oct. and was not sent.
Now, we do have a signed binding LOI (letter of intent) and there is also stock involved. I can't go in to details. given that the I only received 25k , one domain is going to be used, second is not yet in development. How can I get it back, preferably without any lower in an inexpensive way .  I'm also assuming that the currency is USD (or similar) and not a lower value currency which might make the legal route more expensive than the remaining part of the payment. This is also the reason why for any high-value transaction, an escrow service is recommended. Good escrow services also allow payments in parts and release the domains only on completion of the complete payment.

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