who would buy a developed site and why?
Hi there. I have a pretty basic question about developing a site with the intention of selling it (once the traffic numbers are there). My question is: Why would someone buy a developed site?

Would it be like someone buying a company and keeping with the status quo (i.e. customers will see no difference) or do the buyers usually buy the site/domain, take it off-line, and come back with something totally different (i.e. buying "starbucks.com” and turning it into an astronomy blog?)

Also, what would be the best way to develop a site, a blog that may or may not complement the domain name, or should I act like I know what I'm doing by making it an information site?
Dev sites have more traffic then a fresh regged domains and some people like the domain name that why i bought the site I did went from a social bookmarking site to a Blog.

Dono, go with what you want.
The fundamental reasons for buying a developed site are traffic and revenue. The underlying quality is content which takes time and expense to create. A domain name, although having a role, is not the ultimate determinant. A quality developed site also has authoritative value (from SEO perspective) which is tough to get. Hope this helps.
i think if you develop the site in it's niche - you're only adding to the value of it. Why not spend a little time developing? It will only increase your sales profit.
but that's if you know how to all that SEO stuff lol
Great information

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