How to put rss feed on my site?
I have a domain on which i want to put automated news through rss feeds.
But i dont have knowldge about rss feed. I mean i cant put rss feed there.
So can anybody here help me?
I was wondering the same for a site of mine. All of the solutions I have found look rather complicated (installing software on your server or paying others). I think that there must be an easier way, especially since so many people use rss feeds... If anyone knows i would like to know too!
I saw a script for that somewhere.
But i just forget now. Its not hard to do that if you we get the script. I searched on some sites also but cant find.
were u referring to RSStoBlog?
It's at

there might be some open source versions at sourceforge, but i decided to go for reliability instead.
I am not talking about that.
The script was not so long and difficult. But there was so many thing which i didnt understand. I am still looking for that in the same forum. I will tell you if i find that.

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