Getting revenue for ex-blog domains?
You mean linking from one of your domains to another? Google checks I.P, if they are the same, it does not count as a Backlink (something like that anyway).
You consider turning them into a feed-generated blog themselves? Just set up a wordpress template and feed articles from other sources and monetize it.
I see plenty of people doing this right now ...and the only problem with it from a reader's standpoint is that you run across the same articles over and over ...also about 3/4th of the time, credit isn't given to the writer from the feed.
I agree with Vicki. While it is a potentially viable way of getting traffic, it is not really creating a quality destination and a lot of visitors may not return to the site.
It's funny when I run across a site like that ...first I'm still sort of shocked that they don't give proper credit and then I start wondering why ...because plagiarism is so rampant on the net now. Someone who cares about the quality of the content on their site won't be that sloppy or shouldn't be.
llegent Wrote:For blogs, I try not to run adsense if the traffic is still low, eg below 100visitors per day. In the meantimw, there are plenty of ads network avaialble for blog :-
1. BlogAds - One of the first blog ads companies.
2. BlogKits - Its focus is affiliate marketing.
3. CrispAds

Just to share.

Thanks for sharing. I have not really messed with blog ads, other than adsense. I will definately take a look at them. How is the payout compared to adsense?
I have yet to try out these ads network as I am still sticking to Adbrite. This is due to the fact that my whole network of sites is still very small. It only managed to receive about 100~150 unque visitors per day. I am working on to boost the traffic volume to at least triple of current volume before I try out other ads network.Big Grin

Nevertheless, you can try them out and share with us on the progress.:p
think the easiest way might be to test it.
if you have 3-4 blogs then put one ad network on each.

else if you have 1 blog, rotate ad networks on a biweekly basis.

but again, without significant traffic, i dont believe it'd be a major difference.

triumph Wrote:Thanks for sharing. I have not really messed with blog ads, other than adsense. I will definately take a look at them. How is the payout compared to adsense?
Hi Vicki,
have you got a listing for the big blog sites?
or what kinda search criteria do you do on google?

vicki2 Wrote:And links to big blog sites tends to help as well. I linked to Blogitive, etc. and I know a lot of hits come directly from them.
one way to drive traffic to yr site is to go look for the 10 biggest blogs in your niche (internet marketing, domain names,sports, etc) and post a comment on each of them.

1) yr linkback to yr blog might be spidered because the big sites are spidered often.
2) you'll get organic traffic from the blog readers

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